2017 King Of Dirt Racing Rules, Formats, & Procedures
Please take time to download, save, and read the 2017 King Of Dirt Racing rules. If there are any questions please don't hesitate to contact series promoter Rob Hazer.
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2017 Rule Ammendments and/or Updates:
Date - Division - Ammendment and/or Update

08/01/17 - ALL - Sub Rule Ammendment/Revision. MUST READ!

08/01/17 - ALL - Be Aware; No Sub Can be used at Nationals or Season Finale.

07/12/17 - ALL - Code Of Conduct update, MUST READ! 

07/12/17 - ALL - Timed Session Procedure Update. PLEASE READ!

07/07/17 - SPT/PS - Valve Spring inspection procedure & clarification. Please read.

06/30/17 - SBM - W16 Engine Option Weight Changed to 2300 Lbs.

05/26/17 - ALL - Provisional procedure adjustment. Please read.

05/05/17 - SBM - ATTN: Small Block Modified Drivers, please put your cars weight either on the base of the door post. Use the weight that correctly matches your engine package. If no space available there, put the sticker on the door post, or hood. This will help tech officials during the scale process. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

04/21/17 - SPT - Driver Eligibility change regarding Mod entries. Please Review.

02/21/17 - SBM - Only flat top pistons will be permitted. Please Review.

02/11/17 - SBM - Compression ratio updated per engine option. Please review.

2017 Provisionals

1) King Of Dirt Racing offers 4 provisional starting spots for each race during the 2017 season, with two available 'buy in' spots 29th & 30th. (Except for the Nationals)

2) To obtain a provisional starting spot KOD drivers must be top 16 in series point standings and have missed only one of the scheduled KOD races. This applies to the Small Block Modified and Sportsman Divisions. Pro Stock provisionals are available to drivers who have not missed a scheduled point race.
3) 'Buy In' positions are offered based off KOD Point Standings as well with the driver/team having the option to pay the starting amount. This gives the driver an opportunity to earn points and/or better their payoff with a guarantee of getting back their 'buy in' at races end.
4) This process ensures drivers committed to following the KOD Tour are awarded provisional starting spots should one be needed.

2017 Race Formats

1) All King Of Dirt Racing divisioons (Small Block Modifieds, Sportsman, & Pro Stocks) will utilize the same format for each race except the Nationals. 

2) All races will utilize timed sessions to determine heat race lineups. To determine what heat group drivers will be in a draw is required.
3) Top 12 qualified cars from heat races will re-draw for feature starting positions.
4) 24 cars will qualify through heats and consi's, with 4 provisionals making up the 28 car starting field. Final two spots are from 'buy in' offers.
5) Small Block Modified races will be 40 laps in length unless otherwise noted. Sportsman races will be 30 laps unless otherwise noted. Pro Stock races will be 30 laps in length unless otherwise noted.
6) All King Of Dirt Racing events utilize double file restarts from start to finish including heats, consi's, and feature events.
7) Leader has lane choice (inside or outside), howver front row fires together off turn four. 
8) All King Of Dirt Racing feature events end with green, white, checkered finishes. 
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