INTRODUCTION: Mayhem Motorsports presents the King Of Dirt Racing Series. This series is dedicated to the drivers, committed to the tracks, and does not overwhelm competitors with travel costs. KOD will never have more than 8 point races for any given division during a single season.
KOD rules are for the most part in line with the DIRTcar Rule Book along with participating tracks we visit. The KOD point system was developed by promoter Rob Hazer and proven to keep point chases close. Points are awarded 60 for a win, 57 for 2nd, and down by 1 to last with 20 show up points for cars that do not qualify (Unless Otherwise Noted Special Events).
“I've been invovled with racing my entire life. I've done it all; writing, announcing, race directing, series creation, promtion, web design, radio show, general manager, and even championship car owner. It was time to settle in doing something I enjoy and that was promoting races. What better way to do that than a series for the drivers, by the drivers, and of the drivers," said Rob Hazer, King Of Dirt Promoter.
Along with advice and help to get things rolling from Lyle DeVore and Matt DeLorenzo, Rob Hazer launched King Of Dirt Racing in 2015 with two divisions, which included Crate Sportsman and Pro Stocks. 

"I'm not a participation trophy kind of guy. I wanted to create a series that challenged drivers to perform on different shapes, sizes, and surfaces. With the tracks we have involved with King Of Dirt it does just that. We've had a huge buzz about KOD since day one, we're down to earth, and we hope to continue long into the future," concluded Rob Hazer, King Of Dirt Promoter.
King Of Dirt Racing began with nine races in 2015 between two divisions and grew to 12 races in 2016. In 2017 King Of Dirt Racing will have 20 races between three divisions including the newly formed KOD Small Block Modifieds.
2015 CHAPTER: During the inaugural season of King Of Dirt racing season Rocky Warner was in the midst of a career year. Among his 29 wins were 3 KOD wins including the highly sought after Northeast Crate Nationals. He was able to fend off challenges through the season earning the crown as King. Nick Stone won 2 Pro Stock races, yet still had to fend off all challengers at the season finale to win by a mere 4 points. At the year end 'Night Of Champions' banquet Warner and Stone were celebrated as Kings while other award winners included SPORTSMAN: Cody Bleau (Award Of Excellence), Jason Gray (Rookie Of The Year), Tim Hodge (Outstanding Performance), David Schilling (Hard Charger), Michael Sabia (Most Improved), Rocky Warner (Lap Leader), Chris Schaffer (Hard Luck), Chad Edwards (Bicknell Top Warrior), Tim Hartman Jr. (1st Man Out). PRO STOCK: Robbie Speed (Award Of Excellence), Rob Yetman (Outstanding Performance), Dan Older (Hard Charger), Dean Charbonneau (Hard Luck).
2016 CHAPTER: During King Of Dirt Racing's Sophmore Season Connor Cleveland proved worth of a crown. The 'Amish Missle' earned a feature win on the KOD tour, rarely finished outside the top five, and claimed the title in a thrilling showdown with David Schilling at the season finale in Bradford, VT. Another Missle rocketed through the kingdom from Mellenville named Robbie Speed. Speed tore up the King Of Dirt Pro Stock tour waging war with fellow competitors Rob Yetman and Dean Charbonneau, before clinching the title on familiar territory in the valley of speed. He recored one win, which was an impressive run from dead last to 1st at Albany-Saratoga. Both Cleveland and Speed will celebrate their championship runs at the 'Night Of Champions' banquet among their peers. Other Award Winners Include:
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