The GRIT Racing Series is dedicated to drivers of the 602 Crate Sportsman Modified divisions. It is designed to offer decent paying races, while keeping the costs of a touring series minimal as possible.


GRIT Racing Series creators Dick and Nicholas Stark believe in the 602 Crate Sportsman Modifieds, which led them to create a series that includes a set of rules that are simplified, yet direct. Competitors of GRIT can count on fairness, equality, organization, enforced series rules, fair judgment, sound paying events, and competitive balance.


Through track promotion and/or racing both Nicholas and Dick Stark have become a father-son promotional team that share a passion for GM 602 Crate racing. They developed the GRIT Racing Series to give something back to a support division that doesn't normally get all the glitz and glamour.


Remember, racing isn't always pretty cars, shiny hardware, or a prime time spotlight. It's about dirt track racing outlaws who strap into their steel horses slinging flesh and metal sideways at speeds that would send some of the wildest men home in fear. If someone wants to be a series champion they need; no they must possess GRIT.